as it becomes tied to you online

a tool of access
never again
featureless, indistinct
it’s confining
how do you touch anything without leaving
the corrosive oils of your fingerprints
somewhere in this server farm
is a vast vault of faces
you won’t just be seen anymore
a billboard on the street
recognized you
and calls you by name

metadata captures your reaction
ah!!! the sky is falling!!!
just kidding.
your face is in the clouds
laying down emotions
think of
everyone in the crowd here tonight
laying facedown and breathing calmly
The last joyful no ones shy behind avatars
speak without repercussions
for now
my suggested strategy is
to remove yourself

This project for my first After Effects class became a meditation on my own face, and the faces of the mysterious people whom I am friends with online, but whose faces I've never seen.

this phenokistoscope (one of the oldest forms of animation) was designed to be lasercut from black plastic.

It's based on the Heaven's Gate cult

A pair of animated celebrity portraits for an assignment

May I Offer You A Nice Egg In This Trying Time?


Oh, Wow

from "Starlit Days at the Lido" with Ukulele Ike and Suzy Wandas

With A Little Magic


A little animation in my spare time. 

4 colours of gouache on frosted mylar.

Rotoscoped from "Starlit Days at the Lido", a 1935 colourized film, in homage to the labour of the colourist.

I  had a dream a little bear was outside my cabin playing guitar. It had a precocious voice, like Dakota Fanning circa 2005.

A bear appears outside my house with a young girl's voice and skill at guitar

I took her to the carnival, disguised as my little sister, in a big hat and summer dress.

I disguise her as my sister and we go to the carnival

She got away from me, and seeing her alone on the roller coaster, I was so scared for her. In that moment, I feared for the little bear as if she really was my sister.

She rides a ride and I'm scared for her

For an assignment prompt on transformation in cartoonist Patrick Kyle's Anologue Media Studio class.

The waxwing and Jinfengopteryx are made from the same papercuts, rearranged.

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