My approach to this book design is grounded in Raymond Malewitz theories on how Cormac McCarthy's protagonists find value in misusing commercial objects, as a subversion of capitalism. 

It is confusing to see a book "wear" a shirt, and so invites further inspection. It suggests haste, maybe.

The pocket has a bizarre utility, to hide something.

The holes in the cloth were made by blow torching a dollar until it was white hot, and then letting it burn through the stretched fabric.

mountains meant to resemble stock graphs.


The end papers are from a trucker's atlas of the areas of Texas and Mexico where the book takes place. With rough-edged practicality, they have utility in helping the reader place events in the book.

This edition could be produced in America for a limited run, with the jackets repurposed from deadstock or thrifted western shirts by garment workers being paid a fare wage, directly addressing and opposing the same issues as the book's contents, the careless juggernaut of immoral capitalism embodied by Anton Chigurh.

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